Church & Ministry Services


I specialize in helping churches and ministry organizations.  Whether it is support for the overall church body or ministry organization, the church/ministry leaders or various options for retreats and trainings it would be an honor to work with you!  Contact me today to learn more!

Trainings, Retreats & Intensives


Looking for trainings, retreats or intensive options?  I offer trainings and retreats on the topics of marriage and family life and mental health.  I also offer counseling options that are outside the normal hour sessions and offer intensive marriage counseling (1 and 2 day intensive options).


I am a certified Prepare/Enrich trainer which is a leading premarital and marriage counseling program that many ministries use to work with their congregations.  Contact me today to learn more and with any questions you may have!

Support for Churches & Ministries


Sometimes the church body and ministry organization overall is going through a time of restructuring and or struggle.  Many times this can be a time of immense sadness confusion.  I enjoy working to help create structure and healing during these times.  I help to create care ministries, speak to leaders and/or the organization about the topics they are facing (i.e. grief, trauma, forgiveness, recovery from church splits, etc.).  This support can be in person, through video conferencing, consultation with the church and ministry leaders and/or through writing a newsletter, etc. for the organization.  Please contact me today with any questions.  It is an honor to work with you during these seasons of time.

Support for Church and Ministry Leaders


It can be a very hard and isolating path as a church and ministry leader.  When needing support and help it can sometimes be hard to know where to turn.  I specialize in working with pastors, pastor's families and ministry leaders.  I also offer my services to help with team building for church and ministry staff.  Contact today with any questions you may have concerning these services!

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