Life contains happiness and joy but all of us have pain, suffering and hardship at times. In fact, we are “guaranteed” to have difficulties as we journey through life. Often people seek counseling at just such moments. What then, is the goal of counseling?


We believe that counseling should first direct people to God since He is the one that brings the power to heal. We can know Him through Scripture and our relationship to one another. Secondly, we also believe that there are helpful truths contained in the observations of human behavior (psychology). While these beliefs inform our counseling approach, we will always leave it up to our client as to whether they are included in their counseling.  Overall, we desire to be used by God to be a refuge for our clients and we love to see people experience joy and wholeness. Ultimately, we hope that counseling produces health in heart, soul and mind.

Counseling: What is it?


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