I hold a great value to conducting trainings for counselors, church congregations and church staff.  Sure Hope Counseling & Training Center believes building connections between counselors, the community and the church is a major step to the process of healing and growing.  

Online Services Offered

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PREPARE/ENRICH is an assessment that is used to measure a relationship’s strengths and growth areas.  This assessment is useful whether the couple is dating, engaged or married.  Consultations are available as well as trainings for professionals and trainings for pastors and church leaders.  If you are interested in being trained to give the PREPARE/ENRICH assessment contact us today to find out about the next scheduled training.  


ADVANCED HELPING SKILLS FOR MINISTRY SETTINGS is a training designed to help pastors and church staff be able to give advanced helping skills within their ministry settings.  This is a six hour training that helps explain the difference between lay and professional counseling pertaining to the following areas: 


• Helping Skills (The basics)

• Crisis Counseling (suicide, grief, aftercare, etc.)

• Trauma

• Addictions

• Mental Health (mood disorders, thought disorders)

• Personality Disorders

• Marriage (Prepare/Enrich)

• Sexual Issues

• Boundaries

• Self-care

*Consultations in establishing care ministries in church settings is another service that can be added as a part of this training or separate from this training.  


Supervision for counselors pursuing their Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) licensure and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) licensure is available.  Contact Kelly Saylor pertaining to LMFT supervision.  Also, for those wanting supervision focused from a Christian counseling specialization you may contact Kelly Saylor.  Kelly Saylor is an Approved AAMFT supervisor.